Virtual reality is a rising trend in the gaming and entertainment industry. Being aware of this, many are wondering: “Will VR revolutionize the real estate market as well?” The answer is – “Absolutely!”
       VR will play a transformative role in the real estate market, it will be a complete game changer in the buying and selling areas of real estate. During the pre-sell marketing, especially floor-plans, project blueprint and some rendered pictures of the unbuilt homes will be given by property agents to the prospective house buyers. Potential house buyers try their best to dig out every information from these pieces of paper and maximize their imagination to visualise their future homes. Virtual reality eliminates these troubles and allows them to experience their new home first hand, to participate and experiment with finishes and all the other options you are providing them in your services, while enjoying the adventure that is VR.


       Delivering a premium virtual reality experience of your real estate, developed by one of the most capable teams in the industry, using the best tools on the market. Prim3d is fully devoted in the development of your virtual platform, starting from the planning and information gathering phase, going through a tested asset development pipeline created to increase efficiency and maximize quality, implementation of the user interface and features developed and personalized for your business, up until the delivery of the final product. Devotion that will enable you to provide your clients with the best possible experience they can get.



       The interactive VR is where the virtual bridges reality and delivers the most immersive experience that your customers can get. A tool that allows your clients to be more than just observers, enabling them to truly experience their future home, and with the features we are offering like changing wall and floor finishes as well as many other that can be tailored to relate with offers you extend to your clients, providing them with a chance to make the ideal choice through an empirical way that enables making hard choices – easy.


       360 promotional materials, led by the 360 virtual tours can be considered as one of the most effective ways to deliver tangible results in real estate marketing. Delivered in HTML format or through a customized 360 viewer application, making them easily accessible through a wide range of platforms and has the potential for massive outreach. With the development of our virtual platform creating high quality 360 promotional materials is a guarantee. Our platform enables us to get raw 360 content more efficiently, so we can focus on storytelling and the delivery of a premium final product.


       Realizing the potential of VR to change the real estate market, we decided to see it for ourselves and made a couple of pilot projects. After personally enjoying the fruits of our labor, we knew that this is no longer a potential, but a reality. Understanding that we might be subjective to the quality of workmanship and the market value of our product, we organized two different focus groups to test out our pilots, consisting of people that were and are on the market for buying real estate. The results praised the quality standards set by us and clearly clarified the three main impact factors that became the backbone of our “Let them” campaign.



  • “...this is awesome!!! I feel like Neo...”

  • “... that's it. Not buying an apartment unless i see it like this…”

  • “... knew VR would be revolutionary, but i didn't expect it to be this cool…”

  • “… why didn't i have this when i  was choosing a wall paint, it would have saved me the trouble of repainting…”

  • “...wish i had this when i was buying my apartment, it would have saved me a lot of trouble…”

  • “... why, just why you didn’t make this sooner!? it might have stopped me from buying an apartment with a hallway for a living room…”

  • “... mhmm. i want one for my birthday…”

  • “... yeah. You guy’s are definitely setting new standards..”

  • “...ok. I didn't expect this. I wanna live here…”